Our Air Expertise Cluster

The Air Expertise Cluster was created in 2018 to support the growth of the Air Quality Solutions business within Veolia and to offer our customers innovative offers to ensure long-term good air quality.

In barely two years, we have successfully established ourselves as the accelerator of an area of expertise on behalf of the Group’s Business Units. And we have made indoor air quality a major area of innovation in terms of health and the fight against new pollutants.
Sabine Fauquez-Avon
Head of Veolia’s Air Expertise Cluster

The Team

  • Sabine Fauquez-Avon
    Head of Veolia’s Air Expertise Cluster

    Sabine Fauquez-Avon is head of Veolia’s Air Expertise Cluster and CEO of OFIS, Veolia’s specialist health risks engineering consultancy. She was previously COO of Endetec, the subsidiary dedicated to environmental monitoring solutions, after 10 years spent in a range of management functions with Veolia Water.

    Sabine Fauquez holds a doctorate in analytical chemistry from Université Pierre et Marie Curie and a diploma in general management from the Centre de Perfectionnement des Affaires.

  • Frédéric Bouvier
    Air Expertise Cluster Director, Veolia

    Frédéric Bouvier joined Veolia in 2018 as Director of the Air Expertise Cluster and has been appointed COO of OFIS. From 2015 to 2018 he was CEO of the Airparif1 nonprofi t, where he launched Airlab, an incubator for innovative solutions for air quality. He previously headed the Atmo Rhône-Alpes regional observatory and the Central Air Quality Surveillance Laboratory.

    Frédéric Bouvier trained as a chemical engineer and holds a Master’s degree in business management and administration.

The Air Competence Cluster is made up of experts whose complementary specialities (air chemistry, odours, HVAC, modelling, data management, etc.) enable them to offer technical and digital solutions adapted to indoor or outdoor air. The Sector supports the Business Units in the different countries to accelerate the deployment of the offer.

To carry out its missions, the Air Competence Cluster forges partnerships with equipment suppliers (measurement, depollution control, etc.) and collaborates with research teams and recognised institutes to guarantee the reliability of the proposed solutions.

Airlab | France

Optimize equipment and put users in charge of their quality

Veolia is one of the founding members of the AIRLAB initiative launched by Airparif in 2017. Its aim is to speed up pollution reduction in Paris and its metropolitan region, whatever the source. AIRLAB aims to encourage and coordinate innovation in the field of air quality by identifying and stimulating new drivers, whether they are technical, social or behavioral. This initiative brings together several economic and research stakeholders, together with start-ups and SMEs.

The projects headed by AIRLAB and Veolia include: 2018 Microsensor Challenge2019 Microsensor Challenge, and the Air4kids project.

The latest addition to this panel is “Un souffle nouveau dans les bâtiments” (A breath of fresh air in buildings). Convinced that users are first in line where IAQ is concerned and that they must be included in IAQ improvement action plans, Veolia has called on start-ups having designed innovative solutions for indoor air quality to test and validate in Icade’s offices a new generation of sensors able to act continuously on air-quality in office buildings. The aim is also to factor in employees’ perceptions (AIR Control and AIR Human). The entire system has been in place since the end of April and the coming months will provide an opportunity to compare the monitoring results against feedback from the offices’ occupants.