Air Control

INDOOR AIR - Evaluating and continuous monitoring of air quality

For which benefits?

Air Control is turning what is invisible into visible, namely the various pollutants that affect air quality.

The principle: continuously assessing and monitoring air quality, in order to be able to identify the various challenges and to respond to them in an appropriate manner.

To achieve this, our audit of indoor air quality is completed by the installation of a  multi-parameters micro-stations network and by the provision of a dashboard for our customers. In case of specific challenges, the offer also includes research into sources of pollution in the building and even modeling of air quality.

Air Control: the 3 steps

  • Step 1:  Assessing the level of air quality
  • Step 2: Identifying potential sources of air pollution
  • Step 3: Proposing suitable solutions

Measured parameters: particles, CO2, CO, temperature, relative humidity, VOC, formaldehyde, benzene, bacterial flora, fungal flora ...


For which benefits?

Turnkey offers

Deployment of air quality micro-stations that are amongst the most efficient and reliable on the market, qualified by the best metrological laboratories

Search for sources of pollutants in the building

Better understanding of the ventilation of a complex building

Air quality monitoring and real-time alert management