Bureaux traitement qualité de l'air © Médiathèque Veolia / Salah Benacer

Office buildings

The air quality challenges for building managers are multiple: the occupants’ health, energy efficiency, or even protection of estate against various degrading risks such as humidity for example.

What are your main challenges?

An improvement of the occupants’ health and comfort
  • Better cognitive performance thanks to efficient air renewal
  • Increased protection of the health and well-being of employees, which results in a reduction in the number of short-term sick leaves
  • Anticipating negative health and societal consequences linked to indoor air pollution in offices
Strengthening performance of ventilation and treatment facilities
  • Optimized operation of air treatment facilities, either by improving existing facilities or by installing new equipment
  • Regulatory compliance or anticipation of future standards governing indoor air quality
  • Optimized energy consumption, thanks to latest generation equipment and continuous monitoring of installations
Estate enhancement
  • Obtaining certifications by monitoring and / or treating indoor air quality
  • An increase in rental value
  • Performance exceeding regulations, with more protective air quality levels


Our references

Société Générale | France

A better working environment

Société Générale asked Veolia to study the indoor air quality in its historic head office and its Paris branches (30 sites). Thanks to the action plan that was rolled out, Société Générale was able to comply with the best air quality standards and offer its customers and employees optimum comfort - while also increasing the transparency and traceability of the company’s energy systems.