Air Performance

OUTDOOR AIR - Guarantee a specific level of air quality by monitoring pollution sources and optimizing facilities.

What is it about?

Air Performance is a guarantee of results for outdoor air quality.

The principle: supporting our customers to reduce the various sources of pollution and, for industrial installations, reducing the sites’ odors and pollutants impacts effectively.

Air Performance relies on Air Control to continuously assess and monitor the outdoor air quality, and goes further by including support, supervision of the various pollution sources, and in optimizing the industrial sites’ operation (reduction pollutants and odor nuisances).

Air Performance: the 3 steps

  • Step 1: Prioritizing improvement actions according to their cost / effectiveness
  • Step 2: Overseeing the implementation of pollutant reduction plans
  • Step 3: Offering a guarantee of results and performance monitoring

Option: Air Performance +

The objective of Air Performance +: to support customers in order to eliminate the odors generated by their sites thanks to works or modification of the installations


For which benefits?

Turnkey offer

Equipment amongst the most efficient and reliable sensors on the market

Air quality monitoring and management of alerts in real time

Control of industrial sites’ odors