Air Human

OUTDOOR AIR - Including all the stakeholders in the air quality improvement

What is it about?

Air Human is about making citizens “actors” in improving outdoor air quality and reducing the pollution’s impacts on their health.

The principle: to inform of the actions taken and to involve all the stakeholders in the implementation of "good practices" through awareness-raising and training. The goal is also to capture their perception of air quality in order to optimize action plans.

The offer incorporates dedicated tools, such as a web and mobile application, to promote interactions with citizens.

In the particular case of odor nuisances, residents and employees are involved in monitoring the solutions implemented and they become “actors” of the odor nuisances’ control.

Air Human: the 3 steps

  • Step 1: Making information on outdoor air quality accessible and understandable
  • Step 2: Involving citizens in remedial actions
  • Step 3: Take into account the feelings of the people concerned


For which benefits?

Anticipation and prevention of risks related to the perception of air quality

Information transparency for residents

Positive image sent back to all stakeholders