Air Performance

INDOOR AIR - Run and optimize installations to guarantee a high level of air quality

What is it about?

Air Performance is a commitment to results in order to achieve and maintain good indoor air quality over time.

The principle: installing, managing and optimizing the installations, in order to be able to guarantee an air quality level that meets the objectives defined jointly with the customers.

Air Performance relies on Air Control to continuously assess and monitor air quality, and goes beyond it, by optimizing the operation of technical installations to improve air quality at the best energy cost. 


Air Performance: the 3 steps

  • Step 1: Evaluating existing ventilation systems
  • Step 2: Optimizing the practices and operation of the facilities continuously
  • Step 3: Offering a guarantee of results and performance monitoring

Option : Air Performance +

The objective of Air Performance +: to support customers, in compliance with the objectives of the World Health Organization in terms of indoor air quality, or local regulations if they are even more restrictive (works, installation of additional ventilation and air treatment equipment, etc.).


For which benefits?

Turnkey offers

Guaranteed air quality levels

Optimum air quality / energy efficiency