For manufacturers, and in particular waste management centers and wastewater treatment plants, the issue of air quality refers above all to the control of site odors, for the well-being of employees and residents, in compliance with the regulations.

What are your main challenges?

Improving the quality of life of residents

  • Better transparency towards the residents by the accessibility to real-time information
  • The integration of odors in the technical management of the installation
  • Better listening to employees and residents

Controlling the cost of the selected solutions

  • Real anticipation by taking into account odor issues at the early stages of projects (whether in the design or renovation phase)
  • Optimizing the operation of facilities in line with regulations
  • Prevention of odor risks through modeling

An enhanced attractiveness of the territory

  • A sustainable approach by reducing the environmental impact of installations 
  • Highlighting the actions implemented to manage site odors
  • Communication facilitated by setting up a dialogue with stakeholders