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Air quality is a key health issue that requires the commitment of everyone to allow a significant and long-lasting reduction of various pollutants’ concentrations. This issue also raises more and more societal expectations and has become an increasingly media subject.

In this context, each of us can and should act, whether it is by reducing emissions and their direct impacts on air quality, or by implementing measures to protect people. Acting on sources is, as it is the case for waste, the best solution for limiting the concentrations of pollutants. Unfortunately, it is not enough and it may be necessary to clean air in order to limit people's exposure to air pollution.

Veolia's offer is therefore dedicated to building managers, so that they can provide guaranteed air quality to the occupants for whom they are responsible (employees, visitors,  children, the elderly, etc.). Therefore, it makes it possible to prevent harmful health effects which arise from common problems such as a lack of air renewal, a default of the filtration system, or even insufficient maintenance of air treatment and distribution facilities.

As for industrial clients that may deal with an issue of pollutant emissions linked to their sites’ activities, Veolia offers to support them to reduce their impact on air quality.

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