Public access buildings

The challenges of air quality for building managers are multiple: occupant health, energy efficiency, attractiveness (especially for shopping centers) or protection of estate against various degrading risks such as humidity.

For managers of public access buildings in particular, taking action against indoor air pollution is a crucial issue, especially to protect the most sensitive populations, such as children, the elderly, people at risk, etc

What are your main challenges?

Improved occupant health and comfort

  • Protecting the health of occupants / visitors, and especially the most fragile (children in schools)
  • Improved staff well-being at work
  • Reinforced physical and mental capacities (cognitive stimulation for students at school, performance for athletes ...)
  • A response to societal issues related to air quality

Strengthening the performance of ventilation and treatment facilities

  • Optimized operation of air treatment facilities, either by improving existing facilities or by installing new equipment
  • Regulatory compliance or anticipation of future standards governing indoor air quality
  • Optimized energy consumption, thanks to latest generation equipment

Estate enhancement

  • Obtaining certifications by monitoring and / or treating indoor air quality
  • Compliance with and even anticipation of air quality standards, in particular those of the World Health Organisation

Our references

Schools - Le Raincy | Le Raincy, France
« Dans mon école, c’est le Bon’Air ! » : quality of air 100% guaranteed for the first time in France in two elementary schools.




  • Improve and guarantee air quality at two elementary schools with no ventilation systems
  • Equipment installed without disruption to teaching
  • Accessible information about air quality in the schools


  • Audit of buildings and installation of a network of 30 indoor air quality sensors
  • Installation of filtering and air renewal solutions to guarantee air quality
  • Work carried out in two weeks during school holidays
  • Real-time surveillance of installation performance to meet the highest CO2 and PM2.5 standards


  • First schools to guarantee indoor air quality for all pupils
  • Parents and children informed and aware of the positive impacts of air quality
Airport - Kingston | Jamaica
Inventory and optimization of collective services at Jamaica's main airport



  • Maintain a good level of indoor air quality to ensure passenger satisfaction
  • Draft a strategic management plan for the years ahead


  • Audit of indoor air quality, with physical, microbiological and chemical inspections
  • Installation of sensors to monitor indoor air quality
  • Inspection of ventilation systems: studies of design, maintenance and monitoring criteria
  • Inventory of potential sources of contamination


  • Clear vision of the current situation makes it possible to launch actions that are appropriate and targeted
  • Priority action plan
  • Key performance indicators measure progress in rolling out mitigation measures